Technology IQ


It is important to understand the basics in computer education in order to be successful in online education courses.  Below is a "Technology IQ" test which will let you know where you stand when it comes to computer skills.  This work was taken from the Columbia College Online Campus located at (  research was developed by Elizabeth Reed Osika, Manager Instructional Services, Purdue University Calumet.

1. Save and Receive e-mail
2. Send and Receive Attachments/Files through E-mail.
3. Use Spell Check to Correct Spelling Errors
4. Delete Files from a Disk
5. Copy a file from one disk drive to another
6. Format a disk
7. Rename a File that is Saved on a Disk
8. Locate Files and Information Saved on a Disk.
9. Locate files on the Hard Drive That Come as Email Attachments
10. Scan for Viruses using Virus Scanning Software
11. Create a File Folder of Sub-Directory on a Disk.
12. Switch Between Disk Drives to Locate Information
13. Use WinZip to compress/decompress files
14. Access Information through the Internet
15. Search for Information on the Internet using Search Engines
16. Create a Bookmark or Favorite to Locate a Specific Web Site
17. Save an Image to Disk from the Web
18. Create a Document that Contains Columns
19. Copy/Cut and Paste Between a WORD Document and Email.
20. Copy Information from One Application to Another Application.
21. Manipulate Multiple Windows/Programs Simultaneously
22. Use Personal Information Management Software
23. Create a Table in a Spreadsheet
24. Sort Information in a Spreadsheet
25. Create a Chart in a Spreadsheet
26. Insert a Table and/or Chart from Excel to a WORD document
27. Download Applications/Plug-ins from the Internet
28. Install Software and/or Plug-Ins on a Computer
29. Create a PowerPoint presentation
30. Insert Graphics into a Power Point Presentation
31. Create a Web Page Using HTML or a Page Generator
32. Add Sound and/or Video to a Presentation