Non-Licensed Nursing Education

Advanced CNA (Nursing Assistant) Series

WHAT: The Advanced CNA Series is a competency-based curriculum that provides training for nursing assistants. This includes training in life skills, communication, conflict, coping etc. as well as further training on resident care.

AVAILABILITY: This program is available to staff members of all Good Samaritan Society centers. Administrative staff members decide whether their center will participate in the program. Nursing assistants who are interested in participating should visit with their supervisor or staff trainer.


  • ADVANCED NURSING ASSISTANT TRAINING: This advanced training allows the
    nursing assistant to develop further skills and knowledge in the nursing assistant role.
    The coursework is supplemented by on-the-job training with a nurse.

  • MENTOR TRAINING: This training incorporates advanced interpersonal skills that prepare the individual to serve as a role model and coach to other nursing assistants. Mentors
    receive training and are mentored by a licensed nurse to verify competence.
  • RESTORATIVE NURSING ASSISTANT TRAINING: This curriculum develops skills that enable the nursing assistant to serve as a restorative aide.

  • DEMENTIA CARE TRAINING: This curriculum develops skills that recognize the
    special needs of clients with Alzheimer's or related dementias.

COST: There is no cost to the individual CNA for the advanced training coursework.

TIME TO COMPLETE: Employees may proceed at their own pace. Each course will normally take 3-5 months to complete. Once a course has been completed and the skills verification has been successfully documented, the learner will take a final exam on the Good Samaritan Society's Learning Center. When the exam has been completed successfully, the learner may print a completion certificate.

DETAILS: The curriculum can be ordered through Good Samaritan Supplies. Course numbers are:
Advanced Nursing Assistant - LRN6144; Mentor Training - LRN6068; Resotorative Nursing Assistant Training - LRN6166; Dementia Care Training - LRN6260.

FACILITATOR'S GUIDES: Facilitator's Guides for these courses are available on the Good Samaritan Society Web Portal. Go to Publications & Documents / Manuals / Advanced CNA Series Facilitator's Guide and select the documents you need.

HOW DO I LEARN MORE? Contact the staff development coordinator at a Good Samaritan Center near you for more details on the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Employment information is not available on this website or via the email noted above. To apply for a job at a Good Samaritan Society center, please follow this link to find a location and complete an application:
If you are interested in a job as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) please inquire when making your application to the center whether that training is required pre-hire or is provided post-hire.